Strengths Deployment Inventory®
Strength Deployment Inventory® (SDI) provides a window into what drives you and what drives others – and understanding that empowers you to communicate in a way that achieves the results you desire. SDI® is a suite of psychometric tests and a practical methodology for empowering people to improve relationships and manage conflict more effectively.  This program can be customized to the meet the needs of your team, organization, or community group.

Strengths-Based Leadership®
This program identifies three keys to being a more effective leader: knowing your strengths and investing in others' strengths, getting people with the right strengths on your team, and understanding and meeting the four basic needs of those who look to you for leadership. This powerful workshop is appropriate for people at all levels of an organization from the CEO to the most entry-level position. This program is a very popular offering at RB Slade and Associates.

The Thomas Killman Conflict Mode Instrument® (TKI)
The Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument ® (TKI) is the world’s best-selling tool for helping people understand how different conflict-handling styles affect interpersonal and group dynamics—and for empowering them to choose the appropriate style for any situation.  The TKI assesses an individual’s typical behavior in conflict situations and describes it along two dimensions: assertiveness and cooperativeness. It provides detailed information about how that individual can effectively use five different conflict-handling modes, or styles.

Coaching Skills for Managers®
This proven program helps managers at all levels learn the all-important skills of engaging, energizing and empowering their co-workers to do their best work.  Coaching skills allow the manager to move away from techniques of coercion towards a more productive approach by co-creating a plan to help employees use all of their skills to add value to the organization. This is a must for any new manager, as well as, more seasoned managers.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) is a personality inventory. When introduced into your organization it can support many functions and situations including; managing others, development of leadership skills, conflict resolution, executive coaching, change management, and many other customized needs.  We offer workshops for team and individuals to better understand themselves using the MBTI.

Radical Collaboration®
Workplaces lacking skill at collaboration waste time and resources. They are less creative, have higher turnover, lower trust, longer lead times for the completion of tasks and have lower employee satisfaction.   This program is a catalyst for building more effective work environments and more trusting relationships.  Collaboration requires both a skill-set and a mind-set, both of which can be learned.  This program has a proven track record for teaching employees and organizations to become more effective.

Situational Leadership®
Situational Leadership®, emphasizes flexibility and simplicity in execution, and can equip leaders in your organization with the tools necessary to skillfully navigate the demands of an increasingly diverse workforce and evolving global marketplace.  To be successful in today’s work environment, a leader must learn to appropriately balance his/her task direction with the proper relationship behavior, leading to high levels of consistent performance across team members.

Principles of Persuasion and Influence®
An ethical application of influence the Principles of Persuasion (POP)® Workshop is an inspiring, innovative and invaluable session for anyone seeking to improve effectiveness and productivity.

Based on his pioneering book, Influence: Science and Practice, the two-day workshop demonstrates how to ethically apply Dr. Cialdini’s six principles to produce lasting change and avoid common influence traps.  It teaches strategies on how to create and maintain trusted relationships, how to avoid losing critical “moments of power” and interactively shows how small, strategic changes can yield lasting results. Contact us to customize this program for your organization.

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